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The government has ordered a state of emergency in connection with protective measures against the new coronavirus, Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister's Office, told a press conference.

Gulyás said the government had made its decision in line with a proposal by the interior minister and the operative board. The government has ordered a ban on travellers from Italy, China, South Korea and Iran, except for Hungarian citizens returning from those locations who will have to stay in isolation at home for two weeks after their arrival, the minister added.
In order to enforce the new travel restrictions, border controls will be reintroduced on Hungary’s Schengen borders with Slovenia and Austria. All trains, buses and flights from the countries in question will be subjected to general border control measures. Full border control rules are planned to be introduced also on the Hungary-Croatia border by midnight on Wednesday, Gulyás added.
The government has also decided to ban indoor events with more than 100 people attending, while outdoor events with more than 500 participants will also be subject to the ban, Gulyás said. It will be the organisers’ responsibility to cancel the events, he added.