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The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) on Sunday presented a series of proposals to tackle the coronavirus outbreak in Hungary. Speaking at a press conference, MP Lajos Oláh suggested drawing up a list of countries from which passengers arriving in Hungary should report to the health authorities. He added that those resisting isolation should be fined. School trips and study tours should be cancelled, while the government should also put a cap on public gatherings and cancel larger ones due to the epidemic, he said.
According to DK, disinfecting hands in public institutions should be made mandatory, while the state should provide local governments with the necessary funds to disinfect public spaces. He noted that the elderly were especially vulnerable to the new virus and proposed that events scheduled for seniors should be cancelled. Oláh added that the government should encourage companies to have their employees working from their homes, as well as set up a fund to compensate people off work because of a need to be isolated.