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The Hungarian authorities are currently focusing on individual cases in their response to the new coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said.

At a press conference after a meeting of the operative board coordinating the fight against the new virus, Orbán said Hungary aims to prevent nodes of outbreak from forming around the country. Citing data published on Wednesday evening, Orbán said there were two confirmed coronavirus cases and 24 people quarantined in Hungary. The number of confirmed cases worldwide is over 95,000, with 3,268 fatalities and over 53,000 recoveries, he noted. Orbán said people’s sense of security had been shaken and would be restored only when a vaccine becomes available.
Regarding public events during the outbreak, Orbán said the government will decide on Tuesday the latest on whether to go ahead with the official celebration of the March 15 national holiday. Should the situation in Europe deteriorate, the event will be cancelled, he said. Regarding other events, the decision on whether to cancel them is at this point in the hands of the organisers, Orbán said. The operative board, however, has the authority to cancel events if the situation worsens, he noted.