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Hungarian authorities have confirmed the country’s fourth case of the new coronavirus, after the Iranian girlfriend of one of the Iranian students diagnosed with Covid-19 earlier this week also tested positive for the new virus. Both students are now being treated at Budapest’s St. László Hospital, the government website providing updates about the coronavirus outbreak said. After the patient’s test came back positive, the authorities immediately began looking into whom she had come into contact with, the website said. The authorities will provide more information on her condition and the next steps concerning her diagnosis at a later time, it added.
Earlier on Thursday, a Hungarian man who recently returned from Milan also tested positive for the new virus.
In reaction, Budapest’s Eötvös Loránd University has ordered a two-week quarantine for students and staff returning form areas affected by the new coronavirus, the university said on its website. The website said staff and students who returned from China, South Korea, northern Italy and Iran in the past 14 days, or met people who did so, are asked to self-isolate in their homes and stay away from university events. Quarantine should be maintained until March 19, the website said. The university is cancelling indefinitely the courses the two students had attended, and has called on staff and students who attended the classes in the past fortnight to stay away from the ELTE campus, the website said.
Meanwhile, fifteen Japanese tourists were taken to Budapest’s St. László Hospital after displaying symptoms of the new coronavirus, the government website providing updates about the outbreak has said. All of the tourists have a cough but are “in good physical condition”, the website said.
Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said in a video message on Facebook that a Hungarian national infected by the new coronavirus has been quarantined in Brazil. The individual in Brasilia is the 13th Hungarian citizen to be quarantined abroad, Szijjártó said. Brazil is the sixth country to have reported a Hungarian coronavirus patient, he added. “The individual’s condition has recently improved and they are now symptom-free,” the minister said. “Now we’re waiting for a negative test result so that they could leave the hospital before the end of the quarantine.” In the meantime, the Hungarian consuls in Brasilia are contacting the individual twice a day and providing any assistance they can, Szijjártó said.