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László Baán, the commissioner in charge of the project to transform Budapest’s City Park (Liget) into a cultural venue, has asked Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony to withdraw a proposed ban on the construction of buildings in the area that have not yet received a construction permit. In an open letter addressed to the mayor, Baán said that as the law stands, the ban would end up curtailing green developments such as the refurbishment and expansion of park areas. “Not a single tree or bush would be planted and not a single square metre of green space could be refurbished” under the ban, Baán wrote. The commissioner criticised the metropolitan council leadership for failing to discuss the impact of the proposal with the asset manager designated in the law on City Park or with Városliget, the state-owned company in charge of the project. He said it was “rather absurd” that “after declaring absolute priority for green developments” the Budapest leadership, “right in the middle of a climate emergency”, had submitted a proposal that would result in a ban on mainly green developments. Baán asked Karácsony to withdraw the proposal and provide an opportunity for “proper talks” on the Liget project.