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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán called for a debate within the European People's Party on the future of the EPP in a memorandum sent to the leaders of the grouping on Tuesday.

In the memo, Orbán said that “the EPP was resolutely pro-democracy, anti-communist, pro-market, anti-Marxist, pro-nation, in favour of building the Union on the basis of nations, pro-subsidiarity, anti-bureaucracy, Christian-inspired, and a committed representative and devotee of the Christian family model and the matrimony of one man and one woman.” “The EPP represented these values courageously, proudly and successfully under the pressure of its opponents, fashion trends and the left-wing liberal media majority.” But, he added, by now “everything has changed”.
Orbán lamented what he saw as the grouping’s failure to represent Christian inspirations “if there are any left”. He recommended that the party alliance should modify is strategic guideline and return to the heritage of Wilfried Martens. The EPP should support its member parties in cooperating and building coalitions not only with the left, but also with the right-wing in their countries, he wrote, adding that besides centrist forces, representatives of the Christian right-wing should also be given a seat at the table.