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The government’s next “national consultation” survey to be launched next month will deal with issues that weaken Hungary’s security and go against the public’s sense of justice, a government official said. The issues to be addressed by the survey include the payment of compensation to prisoners complaining about poor prison conditions and probation rules pertaining to violent criminals, Csaba Dömötör, a Prime Minister’s Office parliamentary state secretary, told public Kossuth Radio. A common thread in these issues is the presence of foreign-funded organisations, Dömötör said.
On the topic of Ukraine’s controversial education law, Dömötör said Hungary faced pressure concerning its vow to block Ukraine’s aspirations to join NATO. He said Ukraine’s new laws violated the right of the local Hungarian community to use its native language. He said it was possible to get all Ukrainian citizens to learn to speak Ukrainian while also allowing Transcarpathia Hungarians to preserve their native language. Hungary, he said, has an interest in having good relations with Ukraine as well as its Euro-Atlantic integration, but if the government did not stand up for the rights of the local Hungarian community, no one would.