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Fidesz lawmakers will hold a parliamentary group meeting next week, with "prison business" and the issue of compensation to Roma segregated in school high on the agenda.

The ruling party has criticised the courts for awarding compensation to inmates who complain of poor prison conditions, insisting that canny lawyers are exploiting the system while raking in hefty fees. Also on the agenda of the away day in Balatonfüred on Wednesday, to be addressed by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, will be a lawsuit in connection with school segregation. The government is appealing against a court decision to award cash compensation to Roma who were segregated at school in Gyöngyöspata, in north-western Hungary. It has asked the Kuria, Hungary’s supreme court, for an expedited procedure. The group said in a statement that the cases “offend people’s sense of justice”. Fidesz MPs will also discuss probation rules in the context of the recent murders of two children in Győr, in north-western Hungary. Further, they will consider border protection in light of increasing migration pressure and a recent attempt by a group of migrants to storm the border, the statement added.