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If Hungarians and Bavarians can work together successfully pursuing politics based on Christian values, this cooperation can improve the position of the whole of Europe, the parliamentary and strategic state secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office said. Bavarian-Hungarian relations have a long history going back to the times before the foundation of the Hungarian state, Balázs Orbán said at an event organised by the Hanns-Seidel Foundation.
King Saint Stephen and his wife Gisela from Bavaria “worked together” to make Hungary a Christian state and it was thanks to their efforts that stability returned to the central areas of Europe at the time, he added.
Orbán expressed thanks to the Hanns-Seidel Foundation for supporting a Christian Roma college network and for their contribution to border protection and European and Hungarian security under the arrangements of interior affairs cooperation.
The Bavarian Minister for Construction and Transport Hans Reichhart told the event that Hungary had strong ties with Bavaria, having developed in the field of economy and also among people over the centuries. As a result, it is important to nurture the friendship between the two nations also in 2020, he said.