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Deputy Mayor of Budapest Erzsébet Gy Németh, who is a board member of the national opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), said that independent theatres were fighting for their survival, as the government was intentionally keeping them in a state of uncertainty. Contradicting government resolutions have been published causing uncertainty as to whether the affected theatres would receive support for their operations, Gy Németh, who is in charge of cultural affairs, told a press conference. The government appeared to back off following protests in Budapest, but now it is continuing to pursue “retribution” against independent theatres in order to force them “to keep their mouths shut”, she added. “Budapest, however, is a free city and every effort will be made to amend the situation,” Gy Németh said. The city council is working on finding resources that can be allocated to independent theatres, and sponsors are also being sought, she added.