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On the subject of EU enlargement, Tamás Deutsch, the head of the Fidesz-led governing alliance’s group of MEPs in Brussels, said accession talks with Serbia and Montenegro needed a clear target date. When it comes to North Macedonia and Albania, the recent decision to stymie accession talks should be resolved in the opposite direction, he added.
Meanwhile, Deutsch said a key task for Fidesz in Brussels was to protect Hungarian national interests, and he charged opposition MEPs with encouraging the mounting attacks against Hungary. “Without exception, they vote against the interests of the Hungarian people,” he said, adding that opposition MEPs had aided efforts in the European Parliament to launch the Article 7 procedure and other punitive measures against Hungary.
He insisted various parts of the Sargentini report had been revealed as a “tsunami of lies” during the course of the Article 7 procedure. The European Court of Justice, he said, had ruled that processing asylum applications in transit zones did not constitute detention, and a corruption watchdog had said that claims about graft in connection with public procurements had been unfounded.
Deutsch called for all parliamentary parties to become involved in drafting a law amendment ensuring that “totally crazy fake news” disappeared from various community sites.
In reply to a question about Fidesz’s place in the European People’s Party, Deutsch said Fidesz alone would decide which European party family it would belong to.