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Public prosecutor Péter Polt has asked parliament to remove the immunity of Democratic Coalition (DK) MP László Varju in connection with an opposition protest at the public media headquarters last December. Parliament lifted Varju’s immunity once already, on Oct. 21, in connection with an inquiry into crimes against the order of elections. On December 16, 2018, several opposition deputies staged a march on public media headquarters and demanded the broadcast of their petition and entry to the studios. According to a statement from the public prosecutor, Varju “charged at a cordon formed by security staff personnel and squeezed the calves of one of them”. Later on, Varju attempted to force entry into the editorial section and “violently opposed” security staff. He was being forcefully removed from the premises when he caused one of the security officers to fall on the ground, causing him injury. The statement said Varju could face charges of rowdy behaviour and causing serious bodily harm once his immunity is removed.

Speaking at a press conference on a different topic, DK’s parliamentary group spokesman Zsolt Gréczy called the request “outrageous and repulsive”. “Orbán’s dictatorship has reached a new level,” Gréczy said, and called on the whole opposition to show solidarity with Varju. Ruling Fidesz “has taken badly” to Budapest’s fourth district having voted for both an opposition mayor, Tibor Déri, and a DK MP, Gréczy said.