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Hungarians in 1956 wanted a "free and independent" country for themselves in a "Europe of nations", the prime minister told a state commemoration of Hungary's anti-Soviet uprising of 1956 at Budapest's Academy of Music.

On October 23, 1956, Hungarians demanded to be given back their right to decide freely how to live their lives, Viktor Orbán said. “And even then we wanted a Hungarian, in other words a European way of life for ourselves,” Orbán said. “A free and independent Hungary in the Europe of nations. And there was no contradiction in this, since back then, Europe’s western half was still actually the common home of free nations,” he added.
“We, Hungarians have but this one homeland; we have no other place under the Sun,” Orbán said. “Our dreams can only take shape here and it is only here in the Carpathian Basin that we can form this big shared creation we call Hungary and Hungarian culture.”
“All of us together are the homeland,” the prime minister said. “This is the law, as is the adage that a homeland can only exist as long as there is someone to love it and make sacrifices for it,” he added. “There is homeland where there are patriots. Vileness will always come together, he said, adding that the question was whether patriots, too, were willing to come together,” said Orbán.