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The European Commission needs a leader who respects countries in Central Europe, cabinet chief Antal Rogán said on public radio.

Rogán said on Kossuth Radio that voters had given the government a mandate to stop immigration, thus supporters of immigration could not be among those nominated for the European Union’s top jobs.
He said the Socialists’ candidate Frans Timmermans as well as the European People’s Party spitzenkandidat Manfred Weber were clearly supporters of immigration. Weber has insulted Hungary and Hungarians in his statements on a number of occasions, saying he did not want the votes of Hungarians. “Somebody who doesn’t enjoy the support of the new member states in Central Europe cannot become the head of the European Commission. That is a new development,” Rogán said. “The voice of Central Europe has now been heard.” Rogán said central European countries want leaders who won’t force upon them the will of other countries.
He said Viktor Orbán had asked Ursula von der Leyen on the phone whether, as the candidate for the position of EC president, she was prepared to give the appropriate degree of respect to Hungary and Central European nations. He added that von der Leyen promised she would.