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Six opposition parties and more than 40 civil organisations have acceded to the 1 Hungary Declaration on curtailing hate and making civil life more thoughtful and amicable, the Roma Press Centre said in a statement issued on Sunday.
The signers of the declaration committed to publically distance themselves from hate speech, stand up against fear-mongering, and strive for the peaceful coexistence of social groups in the country as well as seek out possible problems and try to resolve them sensibly.
“History has taught us that every Hungarian and every person living here depends on each other. 1 Hungary exists which belongs to all of us and in which we must together find solutions to our problems,” the declaration says.
The Roma Press Centre, the Civil Foundation, the Autonomy Foundation and the National Democratic Institute organised the 1 Hungary Picnic at which more than 40 civil organisations and six opposition parties participated. Among those representing the parties were Sándor Rónai of Democratic Coalition (DK), Anett Bősz and Ádám Sermer of the Liberal Party, Erzsébet Schmuck of LMP, Olivio Kocsis-Cake of Párbeszéd, Ágnes Kunhalmi of the Socialists (MSZP) and András Fekete-Győr of Momentum.
The signers committed to reporting declarations of a radical nature in “appropriate forums” and expect the state to ensure unconditional equality before the law.The full text of the declaration can be read, in Hungarian at