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Bangladesh is going to great lengths to fight terrorism and illegal migration, a Hungarian official has said. At the same time, the country is handling the accommodation of Rohingya refugees well, the PM’s office state secretary told MTI, summing up his talks in Dhaka. Balázs Orbán, parliamentary and strategic state secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office, is heading a Hungarian delegation to Bangladesh. With territory only 1.5 times that of Hungary’s and a population of 160 million, Bangladesh faces severe challenges, he said on Tuesday. Yet its political system is stable and its economy has been growing by 7% each year for a long time, he added. The main purpose of the Hungarian delegation’s visit is to maintain high-level contacts with Bangladesh’s government, he said, noting that he had met the state secretaries of foreign affairs, the interior, the deputy minister for disaster management and the chief of police. Orbán said Bangladesh is going to great lengths to prevent radicalisation within the Muslim community that accounts for 90% of its population.
At the same time, the country is looking after more than one million Rohingans who fled to Bangladesh from neighbouring Myanmar, he noted. He visited the Rohingya camps in the south of the country and said conditions were very good by international comparison. The government will expand its Hungary Helps scheme to Bangladesh, Orbán said, adding there are already bridgeheads to facilitate related operations such as a Hungarian medical team in Dhaka.