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Local results of the Mi Hazánk movement in the recent European Parliament election “reflect that Hungarian society wants order” and “rejects overlooking the Gypsy issue”, the radical nationalist party’s deputy leader told a press conference.     Előd Novák insisted that the incumbent and previous governments failed to resolve issues around “Gypsy crime” and what he saw as Roma people having children to benefit from central family assistance programmes. Novák noted that his party had garnered over 15% of the votes in the European election in Törökszentmiklós, a town in eastern Hungary where Mi Hazánk has recently staged a demonstration to protest against “Gypsy crime”.
Novák called Hungary’s detention facilities “wellness prisons” and suggested that offenders should be sent to Siberia – with the Hungarian state paying a fee to Russia – to “deter criminals” in the Roma minority. He also proposed segregating “under-socialised, undisciplined” children in special boarding schools.