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In his state-of-the-nation address, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán called the Hungarian opposition “a bunch of pro-immigration politicians who are kept on a respirator by [US billionaire] George Soros and the EU bureaucrats”.

He said “it is a kind of political pornography” that the Socialists and the extreme right have formed a coalition. “We have to hear that listing MPs of Jewish origin is not anti-Semitism and he who says this wants to become mayor of Budapest instead of sneaking away. We can only say that this is a shame,” Orbán said.

The prime minister said it is a shame on the whole of Europe that the international left wing supports this and sends its leader here to give his blessing for this political aberration. Resorting to physical violence and running riot in parliament, the politicians of the opposition coalition seem like comedians rather than political leaders, he said.

The prime minister said that thirty years after the change of regime, we have to again “stand by our nationhood, our Christianity, we have to protect our families, our communities and our freedom as well”. He said “there are once again forces advocating open societies and a world without nations, “fabricating” a supranational global government, and these are still controlled from abroad. He called Brussels “the citadel of new internationalism” and immigration “the instrument of this internationalism”.

He said Brussels has worked out a seven-point plan of action for turning Europe into a continent of immigrants after the EP elections. Orbán said Brussels wants to introduce mandatory migrant quotas and curb the member states’ rights to defend their border. Soros made no secret of his plan to defend migrants, an effort hindered by national boundaries, he said.

The European Parliament has voted for introducing migrant visas and increasing support for pro-immigration organisations. Further, plans are afoot to fine member states that do not obey, Orbán said. “The target countries for migrants are witnessing the emergence of a Christian-Muslim world with a shrinking rate of Christians. But we, central Europeans, still have a future of our own,” he said, adding that the government’s immigration policy will remain stable.

The prime minister called the European left wing “a vanguard of speculators, an advocate of cosmopolitanism, global government and worldwide migration, and a gravedigger of nations, families and the Christian way of life.”

Orbán said “the battle has become open since Soros put the Socialist [Frans] Timmermans at the head of the pro-immigration forces and the list of pro-immigration politicians. … But we are determined to halt the pro-immigration majority.”

“We wish to see Europe respect the nations’ decisions on their future and accept that we, central Europeans, wish to advance on the road we have chosen,” he said.

Orbán noted that the birth rate keeps declining all over Europe and that the western countries have reacted to the challenge with immigration. “Immigration, however, would mean that we have laid down our arms.”

Orbán noted that fully 1.382 million “national consultation” questionnaires on the government’s family protection measures have been returned, and 80% of the respondents expressed support for the government’s family policy.