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Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said the EU foreign ministers at their Bucharest meeting reviewed challenges affecting Europe such as “frozen conflicts” to the east and “crisis areas” to the south and south-east. “Unfortunately, no progress has been made regarding the crises that surround us to the south, neither in the Syrian nor the Libyan crises,” the minister said. “On top of that, taking together the migrants from sub-Saharan Africa arriving in north Africa and those in the Middle East, some 30-35 million people live in the direct vicinity of Europe who might decide at any point, due to their living conditions, to set off for Europe,” he added.
In light of the above, Timmermans’ Wednesday remarks are especially alarming, he added. “We are clearly talking about Soros’s man, otherwise he would not have received Soros four times and the head of George Soros-funded organisations numerous times,” Szijjártó said. “He has made his plan clear: he wants to develop a dedicated channel, a new opportunity to bring migrants to Europe if pro-migration forces retain their majority in the EP and the European Commission,” he added. “This is very dangerous for Europe; the security risks of migration trends have been clear in recent years,” he added.