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Hungary’s opposition parties are making a concerted effort to thwart people from having their say in the latest National Consultation survey mounted by the government to gauge public opinion on how to best handle the coronavirus pandemic, a spokesman for the co-ruling Christian Democrats said. Lőrinc Nacsa told a press conference that so far more than one million people had filled out the questionnaires on paper and online, while the opposition was doing all it could to prevent people from expressing their opinion. He accused opposition parties of stealing questionnaires from mailboxes and ripping them up, while at the same time mounting a campaign to discredit the National Consultation. Nacsa said the opposition had done the same when it came to previous public surveys on migration, economic policy and family policy. The Christian Democrat politician insisted the opposition failed to represent the Hungarian people or national interests, upholding foreign interests instead. The junior ruling party politician, referring to the questions put to Hungarian citizens, asked whether “we should let [financier] George Soros and similar financial speculators put Hungary into debt for an unforeseen period of time.”