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The opposition Socialist Party has demanded that a parliamentary investigating committee should be convened next week to assess the measures the government had taken to combat the novel coronavirus epidemic.
The Socialists insist that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Human Resources Minister Miklós Kásler should attend the meeting and answer their questions, lawmaker Ildikó Borbély Bangó told an online press conference on Saturday.
She said that Hungarian health care is hit by a grave shortage of manpower, noting that the number of districts without a general practitioner of their own has increased from 93 in 2010 to 455 by now, and half of GPs are aged over 55.
Bangó called it surprising that while the number of patients infected by the novel coronavirus keeps increasing, Kásler has allowed health-care workers over 65 to return to their job.
Ruling Fidesz in response said that “left-wingers have hindered protection (against the virus) from the beginning”. In a statement sent to MTI Fidesz condemned the leftist parties for refusing to support the government’s coronavirus law and related measures.