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Lawmaker Andrea Varga-Damm said she has been expelled from the conservative opposition Jobbik party. Speaking at a press conference on a different subject, Varga-Damm, who left Jobbik’s parliamentary group in the spring session, said she had received an unsigned letter of expulsion from the party last week. “They didn’t hold a hearing,” she said. “The party’s leaders didn’t want to look me in the eye so they chose a path of cowardice.”
Varga-Damm said she will not appeal the decision, adding that the events of the past week had demonstrated to her that Jobbik was “in no way a value-oriented party anymore”.
She criticised her former party for “importing” members from liberal Párbeszéd “just so they can say that the party has members” and for “stripping real Jobbik politicians of their official titles in Budapest’s 7th district”, saying that such moves were “acts of betrayal”.
Jobbik’s statutes declare that the party cannot recruit former members of the Socialist Party, the now defunct liberal SZDSZ party or the Hungarian Democratic Forum, Varga-Damm said, noting that Párbeszéd won parliamentary seats in the last general election from a joint list with the Socialists.