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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, in a radio interview, said he and his team were able to secure an extra 3 billion euros in funding for Hungary at the EU summit on the bloc's next budget and its pandemic recovery package in Brussels.

The outcome of the summit can be interpreted as the Hungarian and Polish forces having “repelled the international attack of the liberal brigades”, Orbán told public broadcaster Kossuth Rádió. Hungary and Poland thwarted the attempt to have others decide on the funds they are entitled to, the prime minister said. There were some, Orbán said, that had pushed for an arrangement where Hungary and Poland would receive the monies they are entitled to but their spending would have been tied to political conditions. “These are typically countries that are pro-immigration and hate us because we don’t allow them to enforce their migration policy and because Hungary stops migrants”, he said, adding that they were backed by US financier George Soros. The prime minister said these countries had wanted to introduce a financial mechanism with which they could “blackmail Hungary and Poland”. When the Hungarian delegation arrived for negotiations there was a proposal on the table that was “unfair” and “deeply flawed”, the prime minister said. It needed to be corrected and it was, he added.