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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, in a regular interview to public broadcaster Kossuth Rádió, said the situation regarding fatalities from the novel coronavirus epidemic was improving in Hungary. But, he added, the epidemic was worsening in neighbouring countries and the virus could be imported if Hungary failed to take action. “This is why we need clear and straightforward rules at the country’s border crossing points which travellers must observe,” Orbán said, calling on Hungarians to read up on restrictions before travelling to any foreign country.
Regarding the introduction of a school-guard system, Orbán said it was aimed at eliminating “violent behaviour”, calling it “unacceptable” that teachers should “be afraid and feel vulnerable”. Guards will only be assigned to schools that request it and they will be tasked with helping to keep order, Orbán said. “Children and parents need to be told that although we live in a free and democratic country there must be order in schools and the work must be done there,” he said.
Concerning the government’s “National Consultation” survey launched last month in connection with the novel coronavirus epidemic and restarting the economy, Orbán said: “We can’t count on the opposition when there is trouble. It is a moral obligation of every party to join forces [in the current situation], but the opposition does not keep to it but wants to prevent Hungarians from expressing their opinion about prevention measures.” The survey is necessary, “as there might be a second wave of the epidemic and it is important for us to hear people’s opinion about measures they deem important,” the prime minister said.