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Central Europe’s competitiveness hinges on intensifying inter-state transport and energy connections, Péter Szijjártó, the foreign affairs and trade minister, said after meeting Slovenian infrastructure minister Jernej Vrtovec.
Szijjártó underlined the importance of connecting Hungary and Slovenia’s electricity and gas pipelines and increasing the number of border crossings. The countries’ electricity networks will be connected by the end of next year, with high-voltage networks operating between Hévíz and Cirkovce. He said the preparations are ready on Hungary’s side and are under way in Slovenia. Physical work will start in September, he said, adding that the project was a major step forward in terms of improving Hungary’s electricity supply and forming a unified electricity network in the region.
Also, Hungary and Slovenia have initiated a political agreement on building a gas interconnector. Once the gas pipeline networks of the two countries are connected, Hungary will be able to purchase gas from Italy, he said. He said both the electricity and gas network connections would improve the security of energy supply in Hungary and Slovenia. Vrtovec praised “friendly” bilateral relations, saying that economic ties between the two countries were “very good”.