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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his Visegrad Group counterparts have held talks in preparation for this weekend's European Union summit.

The Brussels summit is scheduled to focus on the bloc’s next multi-year budget.
In a Facebook video message, Orbán said he and the other Visegrad Group premiers agreed on several joint proposals which they will finalise today before meeting the other EU leaders. “The situation, of course, isn’t easy, but our odds are looking better all the time,” Orbán said.
In another video message posted earlier on Thursday, Hungary’s prime minister called the European Union’s economic package to offset the impact of the coronavirus pandemic “unprecedented”. Orbán said a debate was ongoing about who should decide how those resources are used. “Hungary’s standpoint is clear: Hungarians are the ones to decide the fate of Hungarian money,” he said.
Hungary’s parliament earlier this week approved a resolution that calls on the government to make its support of the loan package conditional on poorer countries getting at least as much money as richer ones. It also says that the ongoing Article 7 procedure against Hungary must be concluded before the package is approved.