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The drive to collect signatures in support of the European Citizens’ Initiative for the protection of national regions will resume on Saturday, Balázs Izsák, head of the Szekler National Council (SZNT), said. Citizens of all European Union member states will be able to add their signature when the relevant website is up and running from Saturday, he said. Support for the initiative can be registered in the next three and a half months, he added. The initiative’s success largely depends on gaining broad European legitimacy, he said, noting that at least one million signatures are needed from across 15-20 countries. Whereas the organisers have already collected well above the minimum number, they have not yet achieved this in enough countries. Izsák said citizens’ initiatives in the EU had not gained in popularity, with only six out of 74 citizens’ initiatives over the past eight years gathering the one million signatures required. He insisted that the EU’s aim of opening up its affairs to citizens through direct democracy had failed.