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Hungary introduced restrictions on inbound travel effective Wednesday morning in an effort to prevent the novel coronavirus from being imported from abroad.

In line with the government decree that has entered into force, countries are classified into “red”, “yellow” and “green”, based on the severity of the situation in each, and different restrictions apply to entrants. The government website said the classification of countries was based on complex considerations and in line with the European Union’s classification system.
Separate rules have been introduced for Hungarian citizens and their family members, and non-Hungarians. Hungarians can freely enter from a country classified “green”. Entry from “yellow” or “red” countries will entail undergoing a health check at the border and 14 days in quarantine unless two consecutive negative coronavirus tests taken 48 hours apart within the previous 5 days can be proven. Hungarian citizens coming from a “yellow” country depart quarantine after a single test, while those from “red” countries will need two negative tests to do so. The same rule applies to non-Hungarian citizens from “yellow” countries, but those from “red” ones will be forbidden entry altogether.