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The Hungarian government considers a proposal by the advocate general of the Court of Justice of the European Union concerning migrant transit zones in Hungary “devoid of purpose” since the zones in question are “no longer in place”, Justice Minister Judit Varga told MTI.
Priit Pikamae published his proposal earlier in the day, as part of a European infringement procedure against Hungary, concerning transit zones on the Hungary-Serbia border, as well as Hungary’s asylum procedures.
The proposal, Varga said, follows an earlier European ruling which said that keeping illegal migrants in the zones qualifies as detention, therefore “it does not provide new information”. She added that the Hungarian government had closed down the transit zones in the wake of that ruling. “The Hungarian government will continue protecting the borders of Hungary and Europe, and will do everything to prevent the emergence of international migrant corridors,” Varga said.
Meanwhile, Varga said a conference on the future of Europe, initiated by the European Commission presented “an exceptional opportunity to bring the EU closer to its citizens” and “close the gap between the people and European institutions”. Whereas the pandemic had “reshuffled priorities”, the bloc should not “forget about its vision of a stronger Europe”, she said. Hungary believes in a strong European Union based on strong members, Varga said, adding the EU “must preserve its diverse nature, including its Judeo-Christian roots and values.”