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Fidesz MEPs have slammed EP ‘left-liberals’ for supporting ‘extremists’ by expressing sympathy for in the Black Lives Matter demos.
Fidesz and Christian Democrat MEPs have slammed a decision in the European Parliament to issue a statement in support of anti-racist demonstrators in connection with the Black Lives Matter movement, saying leftist and liberal EP groups had expressed support for “extremist and violent” movements. In a statement, the group representing Hungary’s ruling parties condemned attempts to “simplify history and rewrite the past”, saying that vandalising statues evoked the worst excesses of the communist era. Further, the Fidesz-led group condemned the European People’s Party (EPP) for “giving into left-wing pressure” by backing a decision based on “one-sided, leftist extremist logic”. Whereas it is right for the EPP to condemn all forms of racism, “it should not justify violence or any ideological denial of our common historical past,” the statement said.
Fidesz and Christian Democrat MEPs deplore the excessive police action that resulted in a fatality, but they trust that the perpetrators will be brought to justice, the statement added.