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Addressing international criticism of the government in relation to its enhanced powers during the state of emergency, Orbán said he had been certain that once it became clear that the outbreak of the virus could not be contained, “proposals from financial speculators” for crisis financing would be forthcoming, and the very beneficiaries would be the financial investors themselves. “I would have been highly surprised had one of the most talented sons of our country, George Soros, not appeared among these investors,” he said. He said first of all a “Soros plan” on migration had been published, and his “second plan” had been hatched in connection with the epidemic, promising huge profits for financial investors with minimal risk. Accordingly, Hungary, he said, would be attacked and accused of employing dictatorial methods as a way to neutralise Hungary’s objections to the speculators’ plan. But a close reading of Hungary’s law by a top European Union official found nothing objectionable from the point of view of EU law and traditions, he said, adding that apologies to Hungary should have been streaming in but weren’t.