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A new phase of protective measures against the novel coronavirus will begin from Monday, the spokesman for the operative board in charge of coordinating the response to the epidemic said. Curfew measures and shop restrictions will remain in place in Budapest and in Pest County but will be eased in the rest of the country, where it will be possible to open and visit all shops, outdoor baths, museums and zoos, Róbert Kiss told an online press conference. Passengers arriving at Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc International Airport, which saw the relaunch of some flights, will undergo a compulsory medical test upon arrival, Kiss said. Depending on the test’s result, they may be taken to hospital quarantine or ordered to stay in home quarantine for 14 days.
János Szlávik, the lead infectologist of Budapest’s South Pest Hospital Centre, told the same press conference the past two months have yielded valuable information on SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing the epidemic. Szlávik said doctors are now aware of a multitude of atypical symptoms the virus can cause in the elderly, while children go through the infection virtually without symptoms. Regarding treatments of Covid-19, Szlávik said doctors are strengthening patients’ immune systems and using general anti-viral therapies. Patients in a grave condition are treated with the blood plasma of those recovered, he said. “There is promising news” on “one or two vaccines” being possibly available by September, Szlávik said.