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Current liberal and left-wing proposals reflect a revival of policies that caused the 2015 migrant crisis, flying in the face of Europe’s negative experiences of the past five years, the prime minister’s chief security advisor said. György Bakondi told public news channel M1 that there were “interesting and significant developments” on the main migrant route to Europe. A political debate concerning illegal migration has again started in Europe, best demonstrated by a European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) proposal to suspend support for the Libyan Coast Guard and create a humanitarian corridor, he said. “Masses of people would arrive in Europe through the humanitarian corridor and the committee would distribute them among member states,” he added. Commenting on current migration pressure, he noted that Turkey is a key state as regards the Balkan route, the number of migrants in Turkey greatly determining the number of arrivals in Europe. Turkey has introduced very serious border controls as a result of the novel coronavirus epidemic and this has temporarily reduced the number of arrivals from Turkey, but 3.8 million people are waiting in the country, with the majority planning to travel on to Europe, he said. For the past five years, “LIBE has been very actively pushing the policies of the liberal left-wing elite”, and they are currently doing the same, he added.