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The first phase of protective measures against the novel coronavirus will end next weekend and the government will introduce new rules to replace the curfew restrictions in order to gradually restart life, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said.

The second phase will involve a strict schedule for restarting life in Hungary, Orbán told public Kossuth radio. The government will continue to protect the most vulnerable, including the elderly, the chronically ill and residents of big cities, he said. After May 4, rules will be put in place to authorise mayors in “special” cities to implement their own restrictions, he added.
Concerning the decision to free up hospital beds, he said the government had to create the conditions to ensure that no patient gets neglected. “If we do not want to live life endlessly locked up, like being in a bunker, or until a vaccine is found, the timing of which is uncertain … then we have two possibilities,” he said. Once life has restarted, “there could be surprises” if the virus breaks loose, he said. Several tens of thousands of hospital beds and thousands of ventilators would be needed, which would be impossible to provide, he added.
Hungary is keeping an eye on Austria’s schedule of reopening shops, schools and museums, he said, adding that Hungary should follow in a „disciplined” manner.