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Inspecting the newly built epidemic hospital in Kiskunhalas, in southern Hungary, Zoltán Kovács, the state secretary for international communication and relations, hailed the building’s swift completion as a “feat of engineering”. The temporary hospital capable of housing 150 patients is a “testament” to the skills Hungarians possess when it comes to building and equipping hospitals, Kovács said.
He said the government had acted in a timely manner to implement the necessary preventative measures and restrictions with a view to slowing down the spread of the virus. He added that it was “exactly thanks to these timely measures that Hungary is holding its own in an international comparison” in terms of its coronavirus infection curve, the number of confirmed cases, patients and deaths. At the same time, he warned that though the government’s response to the epidemic has been successful in ensuring that the virus in Hungary was spreading slower than elsewhere, there were no guarantees against a sudden explosion of cases that would require the availability of tens of thousands of hospital beds.
Kovács noted that the construction of the container hospital had been part of a response to a sudden rise in coronavirus cases. Built on the premises of the Kiskunhalas prison, it will serve as a prison hospital after the epidemic subsides, he said.