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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a message on Good Friday that self-control remained the "deadliest weapon" in fighting the novel coronavirus epidemic, and he urged Hungarians to observe social distancing.

Commenting on the extension of curfew restrictions for an indefinite period, he told public broadcaster Kossuth Radio conditions varied greatly in different localities, so a blanket rule for the entire nation would not be appropriate. This is why it has been decided that mayors are being given powers to introduce further local restrictions where needed, he said. Some countries are already witnessing the epidemic’s peak, he noted. But, as yet, “there is no light at the end of the tunnel” in Hungary, he added. Austria, Orbán said, is a test case for Hungary given its proximity to Italy and the fact that the epidemic is at a more advanced stage along the timeline. So Hungary is monitoring which measures have worked in Austria and making the relevant assessments every time it brings in measures to combat the epidemic in Hungary. He said that once Hungary has reached the stage of mass infections — which no other country had managed to avoid — around 7,500-8,0000 intensive-care beds and ventilators will be needed in order to care for the elderly. Hungary normally has around 2,000 ventilators.