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Protective gear will be delivered to 31 hospitals and to the police on Friday, a member of the operative board responsible for the response to the novel coronavirus outbreak has said. Róbert Kiss of the operative board’s emergency centre said consignments of equipment are expected to land at Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc international airport on Friday and Saturday. Regarding the organisation of hospitals, Kiss said the designated hospitals were prepared to handle mass infections.
The command plans have been updated to order all health-care workers to work if necessary, he said. Police continue to monitor compliance with the restrictions and home quarantine measures, Kiss said. So far, they have issued some 600 warnings, fines or filed complaints against people flouting home quarantine. Experience shows that the number of people violating the regulations tends to grow as the quarantine situation drags on, Kiss said.
The police have also taken action in connection with breaches of the new epidemic response law, which made spreading fake news regarding the epidemic punishable by law. They filed complaints regarding 36 cases of spreading fake news, 22 of endangering the public, 33 of fraud and 10 cases of violating epidemic regulations.