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MEPs of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz-Christian Dem coalition urge the European Commission to come up with proposals aimed at helping countries in a similar situation to Hungary in terms of protection against coronavirus and mitigating the epidemic’s economic and social ramifications, Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch said on public television. Deutsch said that the European Parliament’s aid package of 37 billion euros, passed on Thursday, would only benefit “some one third, fewer than half” of European Union members. “For us, Hungarians, this proposal will not mean a single cent in extra funding,” he insisted.
The Fidesz-Christian Democrat group in the European People’s Party has asked the party group’s leadership to forward its own package to the Commission, aimed at helping “the other two thirds” of countries, Deutsch said. Concerning details, Deutsch said that the EC should provide pre-financing in areas where a member state has not yet tied up allocated community funds. “This would result in extra resources for Hungary,” he said. Deutsch called it important that EU funds should not only be used in economically underdeveloped regions because “the virus is not selective” and better-off regions, such as central Hungary, could also require assistance.