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The cabinet will convene on Wednesday to “resolve” problems arising from expiring measures issued under the state of emergency introduced due to the novel coronavirus epidemic, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office said.
Since the opposition on Monday refused to debate extending special measures in an extraordinary session of parliament, this can be debated only next Tuesday at the earliest, Gergely Gulyás told a press conference. The government now “has to mitigate the damage caused by the opposition,” he said. Among the measures expiring this Friday is the decision to close Hungary’s borders to vehicles arriving from certain countries, Gulyás said. The closure of universities and the ban for health-care workers, soldiers and government officials to leave Hungary also expires on Friday, he added. Meanwhile, the decision to suspend court trials and the authorisation of mayors to order the closure of kindergartens and nurseries expire on Monday, he added.
Asked to comment on rumours about the response bill circulating in the media, Gulyás insisted that no one would be penalized for criticising the government or its handling of the epidemic. Only false claims meant to incite fear would be punishable, the PM’s Office chief said.