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Overall 218 Hungarians are in quarantine in other countries due to the coronavirus epidemic, Tibor Lakatos, emergency centre head of the operative board in charge of Hungary’s efforts against the outbreak, said. The majority, 187 Hungarians, have been isolated in Austria, while one person is in quarantine in Germany, and 30 in countries outside Europe, Lakatos said.
Meanwhile, he insisted that Hungary has sufficient medical supplies in terms of both protective equipment and materials.
In his response to a question about possible curfews, Lakatos said that introducing any restrictions required careful consideration, including such aspects as whether those measures could be enforced and whether measures seriously impacting the life of people are in proportion to the hazard. Should epicentres of the infection appear, the movements of people should be restricted in a way that does not compromise local supplies, he added. He also said that the current opening restrictions for shops seemed to be sufficient, but if further measures were taken, opening hours may be changed accordingly. “In any extraordinary situation we will ensure supplies for residents,” he pledged.
On another subject, Lakatos said that legal proceedings have been initiated against 11 people suspected of fraud, against 14 suspected of spreading rumours and another 12 threatening with endangering the public. He noted that a bill currently before parliament would increase penalties for spreading rumours.
So far, the authorities have ordered self-isolation of over 4,000 people entering the country, and initiated proceedings against 100 for violating quarantine regulations, Lakatos said.