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Cases of the new coronavirus have been confirmed in even numbers across Hungary, with no epicentre detected, Cecília Müller, the chief medical officer, said.

Speaking at a press conference of the operative board coordinating the epidemic response, Tibor Lakatos, head of the board’s emergency centre, said that the current situation does not warrant the introduction of curfews.
Müller said that the second coronavirus tests conducted on the contacts of the Moroccan transport minister, Hungary’s Interior Minister Sándor Pintér among them, have tested negative.
Regarding regulations for home quarantines, whether voluntary or ordered by the authorities, Müller said persons under quarantine should not leave their homes, even for short periods of time. They should separate themselves from others in the household, and use, if possible, separate bathrooms and utensils, and disinfect frequently, she said. Müller also called for a heightened regard for the health of the elderly who are much more vulnerable to the virus than other demographic groups. Infants with undeveloped immune systems should also be shielded, she said. The operative board does not plan to restrict the movements of the elderly, and hopes they will heed their advice, she said.