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As part of Hungary’s efforts to prevent the new coronavirus from spreading, the police will check on entrants at crossing points on the country’s borders with Austria and Slovenia on a temporary basis, starting on Thursday, the police reported on its website. According to the website, entrants from Austria of any nationality can use Hegyeshalom, Sopron, and Rábafüzes road crossing stations, while Hungarian and Austrian nationals are also allowed to enter the country at Kópháza, Kőszeg, Bucsu and Szentpéterfa. Entrants of any nationality are allowed to cross into Hungary from Slovenia at Tornyiszentmiklós and Rédics, while Hungarians and Slovenians can also use Pince crossing station.
Meanwhile, Romanian Interior Minister Marcel Vela said the country is temporarily closing four border crossings with Hungary as part of the response to the new coronavirus outbreak. The crossings between Battonya and Turnu (Tornya), Létavértes and Săcueni (Székelyhíd), Méhkerék and Salonta (Nagyszalonta), and Nyirábrány and Valea lui Mihai (Érmihályfalva) will be closed and staff reassigned to larger crossings to optimise resources, Vela said. Romania is also closing smaller crossings with Ukraine and Bulgaria.
Austria also closed a number of its border crossings with Hungary, news agency APA reported. The country is keeping the Nickelsdorf (Miklósfalva), Klingenbach (Kelénpatak) and Heiligenkreuz (Rábakeresztúr) border crossings open to international traffic, while trains will be able to enter Hungary via the Szentgotthárd-Jennersdorf border crossing, APA said citing the Austrian police. Hungarian and Austrian citizens can cross the border at Pamhagen (Pomogy), Deutschkreutz (Sopronkeresztúr), Rattersdorf (Rőtfalva), Schachendorf (Csajta) and Eberau (Monyorókerék).