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After an era of liberal and globalist illusions, “the era of sobriety is knocking on our door”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at a festive assembly of the national police force marking its 100th anniversary in Parliament. This can be seen in the stricter migration policy being pursued in Europe and the strong state response to the new coronavirus, the prime minister said. “Order is the foundation of freedom,” Orbán said. “This is why we protect the borders, stem the flow of migrants, support victims, condemn and put an end to prison business, raise our children to forge a healthy family and national identity, support our police force and are proud of our achievements,” Orbán said. “Time also vindicates us in this debate,” he added.
Orbán said that people who regard the interests of the community — and the legislation that protects it — as needless curbs on the individual generally support migration and drug liberalisation, while privileging the rights of criminals instead of victims. Such people, he added, prefer not to reinforce the child’s natural gender identity. They also want to place limits on the operations of armed bodies, he said. The prime minister told his audience that the government appreciated the work of the police and intended to recognise it financially, “even though there is still work to be done” in this area. “The intention is there, however,” he added.
Orbán said the work of police officers was important in international affairs as well as at home. “In today’s turbulent world, order and security have become highly valuable commodities,” he said, adding that Hungary’s strong economic and diplomatic position in the world was thanks largely to its ability to operate in an orderly and safe environment. “This is also why police officers have the confidence of the Hungarian people on a daily basis,” Orbán said.