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There are still no signs of the new coronavirus infection being present in Hungary, the spokeswoman of the Hungarian government’s operative board monitoring the virus outbreak told a press conference. Kinga Láng-Bognár said 115 samples have so far been tested. Fully 403 people have been screened at road border crossings and 4,722 at airports. Almost 1,200 people have called the dedicated information hotline and more than 500 e-mail enquiries have been received.
Interior Ministry press officer Attila Samu said that in the past 24 hours ambulance services have visited people in two Budapest districts as well as at three locations outside of the capital. The people in question thought they needed care due to the Covid-19 disease, but after testing they were found not to be infected. The operative board is setting up a Facebook page, in addition to existing information channels, in order to provide information on the new virus.
Regarding protective masks, the operative board decided that stocks of medical masks should be used to meet the needs of the general public, and 300,000 masks were already delivered on Friday morning. He added that a production line with capacity to make 25,000 masks was re-started early this month in Debrecen, where face masks are being made in two shifts by prison inmates.