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Hungary should be prepared for further waves of migrants and "regular, massive attacks" on its border fence in the south, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said.

Orbán commented on reports that Turkey has decided not to prevent any more Syrian refugees from travelling on to Europe. Speaking on public Kossuth Rádió, Orbán said that Hungary’s border and its people must be protected, adding that Hungary’s authorities were prepared. “We don’t need to worry about Hungary’s security as long as we are united.” South-north migration is a “historical trend” in which the route across Hungary is an important section, Orbán said. Greece “cannot and would not” protect its borders, and migrants will “rush through” that country “causing a lot of trouble to us”, he added.
On the “national consultation” set to launch in mid-March, which will concern compensation lawsuits over bad prison conditions among other subjects, Orbán said international treaties rightly prohibited the torture of inmates. However, international courts had defined torture in a way that clashes with the people’s sense of justice, he said. The “prison business”, which has amounted to some 12,000 cases, “must be stopped” he said.