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Far from “dumping” the works of Imre Kertész from the national curriculum, the government has gone to great lengths to promote the legacy and works of the acclaimed Hungarian author, a government official says.
“Holocaust education is a mandatory part of Hungary’s national curriculum,” State Secretary Zoltán Kovács said in an article published in the Tablet, written in response to the American online magazine’s accusation that the Hungarian government had “dumped” the Nobel Laureate from the national curriculum and replaced him by “musty” authors who were “convinced anti-Semites”.
“It’s quite a stretch to claim that the Orbán government is somehow trying to obscure the work of Imre Kertész. In honor of Kertész, this government has funded an institute charged with the mission of ‘nurturing his legacy, collecting and processing his unpublished works’ and more,” Kovács wrote. “I am obliged to remind those who take an interest in Hungary of how much the governments of Prime Minister Orbán have done to counter anti-Semitism and to support Hungary’s Jewish community; anti-Semitism and the Hungarian government are just fundamentally incongruent,” Kovács wrote, adding that unlike may western European countries Hungary was the safest country for Europe’s Jews.