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The “Soros network” of organisations supported by US billionaire George Soros is trying to incite hatred between Hungarians and Roma in connection with a school segregation case in the north Hungarian village of Gyöngyöspata, co-ruling Christian Democrats lawmaker Lőrinc Nacsa said on behalf of the ruling parties.
This is why they are organising a protest march in Budapest on Sunday, he told a press conference.
“Soros organisations” financed from abroad have repeatedly tried to interfere in Hungarian domestic politics and exercise pressure in areas such as migration policy, Nacsa said.
“The real aim of the Soros network is to push aside the anti-migration national government of Hungary and give way to its own left-liberal puppets,” he added.
The Debrecen Appeal Court in September 2019 ruled that Roma children in Gyöngyöspata were segregated unlawfully at school and their right to equal treatment was violated. The court required the local authority and the school district to pay compensation of 100 million forints (EUR 297.700) to the children’s families for each year spent in segregation.
The local authority and the school district asked the Kúria to review the binding ruling last year.