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Speaking about the government’s family protection action plan in his state-of-the-nation address, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that more than 100,000 families have so far availed of the state-subsidised prenatal baby support loan. The scheme exempting mothers with at least four children from the personal income tax “makes the lives of 40,000 families easier,” he said. Orbán said that although it had not been included in its family protection plan, the government had also addressed the issue of infertility and had managed “to take not just one, but two steps forward in fertility treatment”.
“The most important aim was to make fertility examinations and treatments, as well as medication accessible for all those in need free of charge,” Orbán said. Further, he called it “good news” that 90,000 more children had been born between 2010 and 2018 than would have been born, “had tendencies remained the same as they had been around 2010”.
“I know that sooner or later mothers with three children will also have to be exempted from paying personal income tax, similarly to how a scheme currently allows it for mothers raising four children,” Orbán said. “I am also aware that during the first six months after giving birth, a mother receives 70% of her annual average wage of the preceding year,” he said, adding that “this should be raised to 100%”. The prime minister noted the reimbursement of written driver’s licence test and language proficiency exam fees, saying that the measure should also be made available to mothers receiving maternity allowance.