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The opposition Socialist Party has called for men to have the option of retiring after forty years of employment. Lajos Korózs, who is head of parliament’s welfare committee, told a news conference that the government had made retirement conditions too rigid. This meant that some men may have to work for 47 years before retiring, he said. Also, large gaps in pension payments should be eliminated, he said. Introducing a progressive personal income tax would help to achieve this aim, he added. The Socialists want a return to Swiss-type indexation of pensions to earnings. This way, pension payments would have grown by 10,000 forints (EUR 30) this year as against 3,500 forints under the current system, he said. Further, disability retirement should be restored and people who have been wrongfully deprived of this payment in recent years should receive compensation, Korozs added.
Ruling Fidesz said in a statement that the Socialists had declined to support their “Women 40” proposal back in 2011, adding that so far 270,000 women have benefitted from the programme. The Socialists, when in government, “stripped the elderly of their 13th month’s pensions, allowed pensions to lose value against inflation and doubled the price of electricity for them…”, the statement said.