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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán warned of increasing migration pressure on Hungary's southern border and an expected rise in the number of organised groups of migrants attempting to enter the country as the weather improves.

Speaking at a press conference at the Hungarian-Serbian border crossing near the town of Röszke, the prime minister said 95% of the migrants arriving at the border were “military-age men”.”It’s forbidden to say so in Europe, but this is an organised invasion,” he said.
Orbán said Hungary’s border was not closed, arguing that if someone wanted to enter Hungary’s territory, they were free to follow the proper procedure. Those who opt for this method, he said, have to wait in the transit zone for the end of the legal procedure. During that time migrants are looked after and if their application is approved they are free to enter Hungary, he added. He said that recently groups of migrants had tried to break through the fence, noting that at one point warning shots had to be fired. Orbán said Hungary’s secret service was monitoring the situation and had a clear view of “how the movement of migrants is being organised”.
In response to another question, he said Brussels “isn’t going to give us a single cent to finance the fence because we’re on the wrong list”.